Tycann Hair Design, Stylish Hair Salon in Harajuku, Tokyo

Photo from Tycann Hair Design, Stylish Hair Salon in Harajuku, Tokyo

Review of Tycann Hair Design

Text by Daisuke Nagaki & Kathrine Pham Do

Tycann Hair Design is a small chic salon nestled among the trendy fashion boutiques of Harajuku. With a myriad of hair salons to choose from, what makes Tycann different? Besides the fact that English is okay here, owner Tachibana trained at Vidal Sassoon so you can get a first-rate haircut without the first-class price.

With several years of salon experience behind him, Tachibana opened this salon five years ago. Having learned styling techniques abroad, Tachibana understands how to work with different hair types and textures. In addition to hair cutting and styling, there are nail and beauty treatments available if you are in the mood to pamper yourself.

Three people, head stylist Tachibana and two other stylists staff Tycann Hair Design. Whether it be cutting your hair, washing and rinsing, giving a head and shoulder massage or having your nails done, you are always being attended to so rest assure you will not need to spend the whole day at a salon. With extreme efficiency and professionalism, you can be in and out of the salon in a reasonable amount of time.

Trim, Cut or Perm?

Getting a haircut can be a little daunting, if not a little stressful when trying a new salon. Tachibana will put you at ease by making sure he understands exactly the cut and style you want before even picking up the scissors. With his styling experience, he may be able to advise you on a cut that will compliment your personal style. The price for a haircut is 6,300 yen, which is reasonable by central Tokyo standards. If you decide to perm your hair, you can do so at an additional charge of only 1,000 yen.

Nail Care

There are two choices - an express manicure or a full manicure that includes a set of nails, nail repair treatment and nail painting.

Tycann offers two different nail color types, which is rarely offered by other salons, they are acrylic and gel nail sets. Most nail salons use acrylic nails, which are quick and economical, but the gel application is less abrasive on the nails. Over a long-term use acrylic nails suffocates the original nail and ultimately weakens your natural nail and cuticles. Gel color on the other hand, lets the nail to ‘breathe’, allowing you to wear it for longer without harming your nails. In addition to this, the gel nails look richer in color, fuller and more refined, priced at just over 8,000 yen, although a little extravagant –it is worth it.

Beauty Treatments

Eyelash perm: no more curlers in the morning! With an eyelash perm, you will not have to think about them for a couple of months besides using a little mascara. If an eyelash perm is done along with your hair cut and nails, the price for the lashes will be reduced from 3,150 yen to 2,150 yen.

Hair extensions: add body and length to your hair without months of waiting for it to grow at only 525 yen per piece. Extensions can also be used for special occasions to create certain styles that look more natural and are more comfortable than wearing a hairpiece. When I was getting my hair cut at Tachibana the woman beside me had a wedding to attend and was getting her hair styled specifically for the reception.

Overall Tycann Hair Design salon is impressive. I came in not knowing exactly how I wanted my hair cut, just that it should be short for doing sport and manageable during the sweaty summer months but still respectable looking for work. What I got was just that, a cut that can stand the summer heat and looks great with a suit.

Tachibana was extra careful to reduce the severity of my receding hairline and even gave me a complimentary beard trim. Tachibana said of his foreign clientele, 40% are male. Tycann is conveniently a minute walk from Harajuku station, which is ideal if you want to fit a visit into your day, perhaps between meetings or before a big night. So ladies and most definitely gentlemen, Tycann is well worth a visit.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Tycann (03-5474-3301) is located in Harajuku and they are open everyday except Mondays.


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