THE FooTNiK, A Showcase of THE FooTNiK locations in Tokyo, Japan

Photo from THE FooTNiK, A Showcase of THE FooTNiK locations in Tokyo, Japan

The FooTNiK, A Showcase of THE FooTNiK locations in Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1996, THE FooTNiK quickly established itself as an authentic local British pub and the home of live football in Tokyo attracting British Pub fans and Football fans alike from across Japan.

With two branches complete with Outdoor Terraces located only a couple of minutes from stations in Ebisu and Osaki, we are a popular choice for the after-work crowd, tourists on a short visit, football fans looking to keep up with the latest scores and locals just wanting a regular watering hole.

Home to a number of regular events, such as The Tokyo British Expat Meetup and a Charity Pub Quiz Night, we do all the things you’d expect of a local pub, not least giving a warm welcome should you come..

Concentrating on quality ingredients and authenticity we’ve worked hard to source quality suppliers such as John’s Kitchen to supply us with traditional British sausages and pies. Serving a full British bar menu along with popular international dishes such as fajitas and nachos, we stock a varied selection of beers to complement our food, ranging from well-known European brews to popular South American and Asian offerings.

Being well known for our Football coverage in an authentic pub atmosphere, our Premier League games and international football fixtures along with other major sporting events mean we are a lively spot to have a few pints and some great food.  Our schedule can be found here.

Our friendly, international staff look forward to serving you.  Visit us at either the THE FooTNiK Ebisu or THE FooTNiK Osaki location for some great drinks, delicious pub food and a game of football on our big screen. - Japan's Premier Shop Directory with maps and coupons

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