Elio Orsara Productions, Award Winning Italian Cuisine in Tokyo, Japan

Photo from Elio Orsara Productions, Award Winning Italian Cuisine in Tokyo, Japan

Elio Orsara Productions, Award Winning Italian Cuisine in Tokyo, Japan

Born in Cetraro, Calabria (Southern Italy), Elio has passionately set out on a quest to share the authentic taste and heart-warming hospitality of his homeland. This commitment to his roots and a profound emphasis on quality has led a former Italian President to acclaim Elio Locanda the “best Italian restaurant in Japan”. The staff, who Elio regards as his Japanese family, shares his passion for people. And so it goes that at the Locanda, you don’t simply receive first-rate service, you feel you are amongst friends and family. Elio personally looks forward to welcoming you into their world, where Southern Italian cuisine reigns supreme and you can meet people who warm your heart.

Staff members regularly go to Cetraro and always stay at Elio’s home to experience Italian culture in Calabria first hand, which helps them to better understand the atmosphere and cuisine being created at the Locanda in Tokyo. This strong family orientation is evident in all realms – indeed, if one sees a photo of the ‘famiglia’ in 1996 and then a photo of the staff in 2008 one will see the same faces!

The Cuisine:
Calabrian cuisine is an extensive brew of cooking cultures – Greco-Roman, Arabian, Spanish and Italian - international, regional and local cuisines of a millennium ago that have become synthesized into the traditional cuisine of Southern Italy. The richness of influences results in a universal taste with strong identity, which explains the cuisines enduring popularity the world over. Germano Orsara, the highly regarded Executive Chef of Locanda, adheres to the traditional school with great determination. After all, delicious foods stay delicious for hundreds, even thousands of years for a good reason!

As one of the leading providers of catering in Japan, Elio can bring the Locanda’s award winning cuisine directly to you. His team has done catering for 20 to 2,000 people, serving the likes of Executives to private family affairs and even Japan’s Imperial Family. When everything has to be perfect, people trust Elio.




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