Kaga-Hakusan Tourism, Hot Springs and Sightseeing around Kaga and Hakusan in Ishikawa Prefecture


Access & Directions to Kaga-Hakusan Tourism

Train Access

To Kaga Onsen Station
- About 4 hours from Tokyo Station by Shinkansen
- About 2.5 hours from Osaka Station by the Thunderbird Super Express.

To Komatsu Airport
- Just over 1 hour from Haneda (Tokyo), Shin-Chitose (Sapporo), Sendai and Fukuoka Airports

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The best way to get to Kaga-Hakusan area from within Japan is by train to Kaga Onsen Station or by air to the Komatsu Airport.

(Nagano Shinkansen is to be extended to Kanazawa, the main JR station of the Hokuriku region during 2014.)

To Kaga Onsen Station by train
- From JR Tokyo Station take the Hikari Tokaido Shinkansen and change at JR Maibara Station to the Super Express Shirasagi. (About 4 hours total)
- From JR Nagoya Station take the Super Express Shirasagi. (About 2.5 hours)
- From JR Osaka Station take the Super Express Thunderbird. (About 2.5 hours)

- From JR Kanazawa Station take the Thunderbird or Shirasagi to JR Komatsu Station (20 mins) and then to JR Kaga Onsen Station (10 mins)

[By Local Train] JR Kanazawa Station -> JR Komatsu Station (35 mins) -> JR Kaga Onsen Station (12 mins)

To Komatsu Airport by air
1 hour 5 minutes from Haneda Airport (Tokyo)
1 hour 40 minutes from Shin-Chitose Airport (Sapporo)
1 hour 10 minutes from Sendai Airport
1 hour 15 minutes from Fukuoka Airport

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