Talk Back Bistro, French Restaurant in Kichijoji, Tokyo

Photo from Talk Back Bistro, French Restaurant in Kichijoji, Tokyo

Talk Back Bistro, French Restaurant in Kichijoji, Tokyo

Talk Back was inspired by the décor and cuisine of a European bistro. All of our dishes are handmade with fresh ingredients so please forgive us if it takes a little longer to prepare your meal. Our staff are pleased to serve you! Enjoy your meal with us!
*You can have more bread anytime
*Please pay at your table


• Terrine with egg and vegetables 680 Yen
• Carpaccio (Ask the server for today’s special) 900 Yen
• Beef, pork and chicken terrine with pickled vegetables 950 Yen
• Hors d’oeuvre (appetizer) mixed plate
- 3 kinds 1480 Yen
- 5 kinds 1780 Yen
• Seafood marinade with raspberry sauce 980 Yen
• Tar Tar Smoked Beef 1100 Yen
• Omelette (Ask the server for today’s special) 850 Yen
• Beef tripe and tomato stew with herb seasoning 850 Yen
• Escargot with Bourgogne butter and herbs 950 Yen
• Foiegras sauté with vegetables with crème sauce 1900 Yen
• Ground beef and chili beans with spicy food 780 Yen
• Garlic toast 200 Yen


• Bouillabaisse (+300 for risotto) 1980 Yen
• Oven-roasted scallops with sherry vinegar sauce 980 Yen
• Sole meuniere with browned butter sauce 1180 Yen
• Oven-roasted shrimp (Langoustine) 1100 Yen
• Oven-roasted sea bream with balsamic vinegar sauce 1100 Yen



• Talk Back’s meat stuffed cabbage 900 Yen
• Duck leg confit with potatoes 980 Yen
• Beef and pate de foiegras with red wine and butter sauce 1680 Yen
• Oxtail stew 1300 Yen
• Oven-roasted duck with cassis sauce 1280 Yen


• Assorted cheeses
- Choice of 3 1000 Yen
- Choice of 5 1500 Yen

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