Outback Steakhouse Ebina, Steakhouse in Ebina, Kanagawa


Access & Directions to Outback Steakhouse Ebina

Train Access

From Shinjuku Station, take the Odakyu Line to Ebina Station Station (41 min, 480 yen)

From Yokohama Station, take the Sagami Tetsudo Line to Ebina Station. (31 min, 300 yen)

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Three minutes walk from Odakyu and Sotetsu line "Ebina" station

Contact Information to Outback Steakhouse Ebina

VINAWALK 6-Bankan 1F, 1-18-1, Chuo, Ebina-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 243-0432

Tel. 046-292-4286



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