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Nicolai Bergmann International School of Floristry

Bilingual Flower School in Tokyo

Districts: Harakjuku Aoyama Omotesando

Closest Stations: Metro Omotesando Station

Tags: Close to Station


Nicolai Bergmann Roppongi Hills Boutique

Flower Shop in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Districts: Roppongi Hills Roppongi

Closest Stations: Metro Roppongi-Itchome Station, Metro Roppongi Station

Tags: Close to Station


Ryokan Hirashin

Ryokan Accommodation in Central Kyoto City

Districts: Central Kyoto

Closest Stations: Kyoto Shiyakushomae Station

Tags: Close to Station Shopping District



A Showcase of THE FooTNiK locations in Tokyo, Japan


THE FooTNiK Osaki

Authentic British Pub with Live Football in Osaki, Tokyo

Districts: Osaki Shinagawa

Closest Stations: JR Osaki Station

Tags: Happy Hour Barrier Free Imported Beer Selection Sports on TV Close to Station


Aroma Healing Salon Milne

Aromatherapy Salon in Mitaka, Tokyo

Districts: Mitaka

Closest Stations: JR Mitaka Station

Tags: Organic



Sea Kayak Lessons & Tours in Shimoda (Izu Peninsula)

Districts: Izu Peninsula Shimoda

Closest Stations: Izukyu Shimoda Station



Nicolai Bergmann

Flowers & Design


Closest Stations:



Only Cut Zone

1000 Yen Haircuts in Kita-Senju, Tokyo (English OK!)

Districts: Kita-Senju

Closest Stations: Kita-Senju Station

Tags: English OK


HUB Kita-Senju

British Pub in Kita-Senju, Tokyo

Districts: Kita-Senju

Closest Stations: Tokyo Metro Kita-Senju Station, JR Kita-Senju Station, Tobu Kita-Senju Station

Tags: Special Occasions Microphone Available Great for Parties Casual Meeting Place Imported Beer Selection All You Can Drink Open Late Open Everyday Close to Station Birthday Specials Non Smoking


Ristorante AO Aoyama

Fine Dining in Tokyo

Districts: Minami-Aoyama

Closest Stations: Omotesando Station, Gaien-mae Station

Tags: Wireless Internet Special Occasions Non Smoking Notable Decor - Japan's Premier Shop Directory with maps and coupons

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